What if being alone is all you know…

alone-ietmages-17-300x199There’s a woman who has lost everything she had
which wasn’t much, yet it’s all she knew
but it never meant the world to her, or even more
now that she’s all alone, on her own;
an only child of a widow she became just one less

without her own child to be with,
settled for a man who settled for her and he’s gone
which is both a relief and a grief;
she lives in a one bedroom apartment somewhere,
no cats, the neighbors are busy

every Christmas is quiet, Tuesdays are quiet too,
she never liked holidays anyway,
and she hasn’t had a birthday cake, ever, not once
it never mattered it was her birthday;
you’ve never seen her because she’s beyond notice
just off to the side of everything
and she never wonders what it means to be alone.

Old, not neglected…

old-horse2Somewhere along State Rd. 11
winding through sleepy towns
dotting southern Wisconsin is a
small, faded farm house
pushed up to the two-lane
and animals scattered about
the yard with a hand-painted sign
propped against the once white
fence that read, “My horse is old,
not neglected” and it could easily
read that way for the house, barn,
the tractor or even me, I suppose.

When I grow old I won’t be old…

The Year 2000

When I grow up I will be old,
but little else will be different
I remember dreaming at night,
like running will still be easy
but maybe I won’t want to
run as much as I do now,
I don’t remember thinking
about choices or school,
having more or less money,
hair loss, getting fat, or sex;
and everyone would still be
alive but they wouldn’t and
I didn’t realize it back then,
there’d be sunny summer days
with baseball games and
watermelon but no mosquitoes
and bees would stay near the
flowers and leave me alone
while I ate hot dogs and
salty potato chips, and drink
fruit punch like it was beer,
and far off into the future
it might be scary to be me
like the year two thousand
when I’d be forty years old
if I ever lived that long.