To write not…

Genius can’t be taught, grammar is not a tool,

perfection is just another excuse to avoid playing the fool,

so take the lesson true, lose the thesaurus,

and create hoping no audience will serve as your chorus,

let damnation sing praise, words be your air,

ignoring all who read not knowing this is your prayer.


Pages unturned…

This is a room in which all of life fits
soaring arches of stone unearthed and shaped,
draped in heavy, old wood, dark with age
from the Garden of Eden but untouched,
with all of everything bound and shelved,
rows and rows in some divine order
not worth arguing over, only to enjoy,
spaces for reading, seats at tables,
paper but only pencils for taking notes
shafts of light crisscross and dust dances
in the show of rhythmed, unhurried air,
in perfect quiet only small sounds heard,
a turning page with tender respect,
signs of satisfaction or stifled laughs,
but in the shadowy recess of the isle,
before a skewed chair left untidy
it an open tome, heavy and solemn,
resting readerless with tear-stained pages,