When writers fail at being writers…

8hSdXHUOWriters Fail – A Confession

It’s simple as an aphorism –
writers fail because we write of
who we want to be
unconsciously trying to blot out
who we really are;
I take it from my failures
as a writer this is true of me,
so I wish to offer a true 

and unvarnished confession
on behalf of writers everywhere,
and it reads as follows:

“I (who ever that is) freely confess,
under no coercion whatsoever,
save that of desperately hoping
to be successful as a writer,
that heretofore (as in, since
whenever cursed moment I dreamed
I could write something so that
others would call me a writer)
have lied to myself and those
who suffered through my pages
of fanciful fabrications
wherein fiction was forced
into fiction that would not fit,
and all such alliterations
attempting to allude the
aphorism about fiction and
reality or reality and fiction
attributable to Camus, Emerson,
Woolf, and it appears,
every successful writer who
has an opinion on the matter;
I write fictions of my own life
because I’m lost and think
that with words that are not
my own I will find better words
and a better life than my own;
I thus apologize with all
sincerity until such time as
I begin another memoir
of someone I am not and
could never hope to be.”