What is it about dreams…

Dreaming a dream

Thoughts which wake are many and few,
dancing between they always pursue
the start, the gasp of rest been robbed,
testing haunts, peace be mobbed;

starting from within, so we’re told,
suddenly alive once hidden foretold
erasing peace and awakening fear
haunted and close, close as near;

wish them gone and they return
curse the many and one discern,
then from the one all manner come
waking the sense before the sun.

Where have all the angels gone…

Angels No More

Once upon a time there were angels
hovering patiently, over the world
watching carefully all that mattered
knowing things that went unsaid,
and all the things we thought unseen,
and when life turned sour, as it does,
somehow they lifted away the pain
and we thought it just evaporated
as if it never was, and it wasn’t;
they bore the burden alone, these angels,
gladly and casually but they shed
tears we will never understand,
or try to, as we sleep calmly, tucked
into our own beds, dreaming of
angels that are no more.