That couple…

You know that couple you see and

they make you wonder, ‘How in the world

did you two wind up together!?’ but

not because one is beautiful and the

other sloppy and ugly, not an obvious

one who could eat no fat and the other

no lean pair, but just because in a world

of seven billion of us these two

somehow found each other and love

or comfort or even settled for, someone

who would listen or talk or smells and

sweats in an attractive way that only

this other could want; you know that

couple in the grocery store, buying cereal

and tea bags, apples and chicken thighs

and you know they’d always thought

they’d be alone if it wasn’t for the other.

What is it about coffee shops…

Us, in a Coffee Shop

You make me wonder, as you sit quietly,
considerately across the small table from me
in the midst of our busy, loud and impersonal
coffee shop just around the corner from home;
we don’t speak and only occasionally,
accidentally make eye contact interrupting
our reading – mine of a book, yours a newspaper
and you’re gracious with a small smile,
almost embarrassed by our casual connection,
returning to the worlds on our pages as we
escape the crowded space we choose to share;
our coffee’s are the same, right legs crossed over
lefts, comfortable together like we’re not
with every other person around us;
strangers don’t matter in this place right now,
like they don’t matter so many other places,
and I can tell you wish it was different
like I do, as if this place was in a Paris spring
or rainy London or beside a university campus
with smart ideas filling the air around us
like leaves falling in autumn – expected, raked
together and burned for that sweet aroma
which stings the eyes yet doesn’t drive us away;
but we’re in our cold city on this January morning
and everyone else has someplace to go
and they’re only stopping for their coffee
as they run to work because they’re late or
just have somewhere more important to be,
while we linger together, two perfect strangers
who civilly share a small table together
in an act of pure humanity, anonymously.