Because It’s 1888…

Today in history (catchy beginning, right?!), the GREAT BLIZZARD OF 1888 hit New England, took four hundred lives, and forever changed New York (at least for the 400 who died).

Because It’s 1888

In the Great Blizzard of 1888
over four feet of snow covered the world,
one hundred people died for each foot
and because it was 1888 no one
knew it was coming – no forecasts,
alerts, human interest stories
in local convenience stores about
storing up water, canned goods and
always travelling with a blanket in the
car because everyone walked in 1888;
it was unseasonably warm
just two days before the storm
and people did spring-things,
they walked through the park,
children played with sticks and
things and still had fun because
they didn’t know better, while
everyone of the four hundred
who would die in just days was
glad it was finally warm and smiled,
tilted their head toward the bright
sky, squinted in a grin, breathed deeply,
grateful for surviving another winter
which they won’t but it doesn’t
matter because it’s only 1888.

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