A recipe for recipes…

There were certain days for shopping and other days

for baking – this was the lesson I gleaned while watching

my mother when I was just a child and only asked

questions without waiting for answers; I’m sure there

was a reason, and she may have told me why this plan

was preferred, but if she did, I didn’t listen to her;


it was the same with flour and sugar and butter – all

of a particular type and types for types of baking but

not at all universally so apparently, and it was more than

a brand and expense for some inexpensive types were

preferred for preferred treats because they were better

for better this or that was all she shared  with me;


and then there were the inherited things, things she’d

learned from her own mother and these she’d learned

from her mother’s mother and on and on I imagined

stretching back to the old world and ancient places

and now they were just habits passed along without

recipes or measures – they were just known, just known.