Holding hands…

They made people stop and smile

and wonder – this sight of the tottering couple

clasping hands but going no where at all.

The world and all it’s kind seemed to speed by,

tipping the globe as it steadily turned its daily round

upsetting the ground under foot for our couple

and they reached for the other’s hand that had always

been there when things tipped and moved unexpectedly

like it did today for no apparent reason.

This wasn’t explicitly part of their being together,

as it started at a breakneck pace that seemed too slow to them

with so much to do – and all of it together – even old,

familiar things and they’d come to the habit of holding hands

for no particular reason and squeezing harder for emphasis,

but today the reason was steadiness, not emphasis

and it meant just as much – only different.

What will one do, I wondered, if one day not too far away

the one felt the need of steadying and reached

in that familiar way for the other’s faithful hand

but it wasn’t there, because it seemed obvious

this was a nearing possibility and they’d probably not contemplated

when building their habit of just holding hands

for no particular reason, and squeezing harder.