Learning life too late…

The question we all should ask is Why?

Why was I born? – that’s what

to ask. It shouldn’t be queried due to

sophistry or reluctance to live and get about

the doing instead of musing as we draw

good air and wonder about how we are in the

world and how the world is in us. That Why?

has been, admittedly, abused by passive-aggressive

adolescence which lingers too long in most

of us and is cured through hardship and

paying bills and responsibilities and

places to be and loves’ expectations

to meet because that’s what we want to do.

And, finally, the question Is reflexive – asked of

oneself, so please don’t be the kind of person who

ganders about asking friends and strangers

to validate one’s importance because self-importance

is more about self- than importance. Use it to

start to wonder, and when one begins to

wonder never, ever stop – that’s why.