You gotta keep peddling…

My young daughter asked what the hardest thing was

about… and I braced myself for her question, doubting

my ability to answer as I ought, hoping it was answerable

by her mother, that I would reply tactfully, and she

would know my love even when wrapped up in mistakes;


she had to repeat the question for me, about the hardest

thing about…learning to ride a bicycle, and as soon as

she said it I stopped myself, thought carefully, and said

it had to do with steering into the falling sensation – no one

liked that but it was the only way, along with continuous

peddling (you gotta keep peddling) to stay upright;


she had her own answer and blurted out, the hardest part

was the pavement when you fall and skipped haplessly

out of the room giggling, leaving me smiling in relief,

wondering why all her questions can’t be this much fun.