Poseidon adventure of my life…

Of the many times I did something
absolutely unthinkable, unfathomable,
infuriating, not raised to be like this,
so frustrating to my poor mother;
of the many times she pronounced
the half-hearted mother’s curse
that she hoped my own children
would treat me the way I did her
so I would know I was the worst;
of the dozens and dozens of times
I would try the patience of Job,
test her deserved and certain sainthood
bring tears, threats and discipline
designed to fail on the likes of me,
I recall not the what but the why
of a planned birthday outing
to see a movie – The Poseidon Adventure,
but we didn’t go because of me being me
whatever it was, it cost us an outing
and we did nothing except a cake;
so when that same movie was on TV
the other night, I watched it as I couldn’t
long ago feeling like I was getting away with it
and then I came to realize, I should
be thanked by everyone denied
the pleasure of my birthday outing
and not condemned, because that movie
absolutely horrible – more so than
I could have ever been.