It’s the end of the world as we know it…

Long ago the world was supposed to end

again and again but just once

in a way that would preach they said

a miscalculated disappointment and then

a miscalculated verse and chapter, carry

the two and sell all you have, reform your ways

and wait in ascension robe while

the world laughs and you reinterpret as best

you can in 1844, and onlookers jealous

of your zeal but not your math created notes

to read your Bible from, and charts

depicting time – all time – from eternity to

the predicted end without disappointment

but filled with sacrifice and awaiting the day

the remnant could mockingly laugh their

I told you so of all I told you so’s

and you’re left behind at the beginning

of the real end ready to trouble unbelievers

while your children played Duck-and-cover

under school desks, sternly warned not

to look at the flash that would be the end

and grandchildren today mock you for doubting

the consequence of your sins and indulgences

and dismissal of all that’s scientifically sacred

about the irreversible doomsday just 12 years

ahead, rallying all that’s good and holy

to repent, recycle and pray it’s not too late

while you rock away in your ignorance

with your noted Bible on your cold lap

and all wonder why you’re not impressed

with their evangelistic zeal and new deal.