I wonder if God attends funerals…

funeral 1She came to his funeral because
she said she should, she said she had to
because she knew that doing no harm
wasn’t the same as no harm done;
she was the first doctor I’ve seen in such a place
as if doctors don’t do death,
but every single patient they see dies,
someday and often only after they visit their doctor;

I mean, think about it… have you ever seen
a doctor attend a patient’s funeral? No, me neither,

I’m more of a philosopher and only pretend to know
the why of everything,
which reminds me: Do you know
the difference between God and a doctor? It’s
simple: God doesn’t pretend to be a doctor;

and it all makes me wonder as I sit in the second
pew, on the left, watching young children cry,
I wonder if God attends funerals.

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