Where everything is…

Either I was stupid or just too much a child
sitting with an Encyclopedia Britannica
propped open in my lap, turning pages and
nodding along, eyes darting here and there
at letters making words I couldn’t read because
I was just three, but I knew everything was here.

Do we even imagine such things as everything
anymore? On pages, in words made of letters
we can’t read because we don’t believe it’s possible
to understand in a way that includes everything –
it doesn’t seem so, does it.

But on page 127, Volume 8, Edward to Extract
there it was all about ‘entropy’ – just another
way to say there’s a degree of disorder to it all –
a lack of predictability that does not mean there
is no everything but we see a gradual decline into
disorder which is just less of the more that makes
it possible to sleep at night.

And isn’t that the everything I couldn’t read about
when everything’s were all I knew with the Encyclopedia
Britannica propped open on my lap when I, like
our sad world, was just a few years old?!

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