Stealing Chaplin’s Corpse

Little Tramp

Charged with disturbing the peace of the dead
and extortion, they were simply hungry for bread;
two mechanics who stole the corpse of Chaplin
dug up Little Tramp’s coffin from a Swiss graveyard
because they were poor and not for any gold within
but the silly idea his widow wouldn’t disregard.

Just two months at rest in the winter’s ground,
under cover of night and without a sound;
it rings of a late Victorian tale of scandal,
impropriety and offense, but it’s a recent hustle,
yet Wardas and Ganev played the role of vandal
the former the brains and the latter the muscle.

Not resurrectionists or Frankensteins, per se,
this duo exhumed and demanded their pay
along with two hundred pretenders to fame
but they’d just shallowed him a mile away;
frustrated they threatened the babies to maim
poor form to promise continued foul play.

When tracked they made themselves no excuse
for stealing the cadaver of a famous recluse,
they were sentenced with relative clemency,
for the million demanded, their monetary percent,
but silently they played their Chaplin parody
and Charles Spencer was reburied in cement.

On March 2, 1978, Roman Wardas and Gantscho Ganev unearthed the remains of Charlie Chaplin (he has died just weeks before, on December 25, 1977). It was a crime of stupidity and desperation, and its sensation was much greater than its consequence. The only significant outcome was Chaplin was reburied in a concrete grave.

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