Life without reason is reason enough…

For No Reason

As I stand in the doorway the air is
sweet and smoky from the hardwood
burning in a neighbor’s fireplace;
the snowflakes are larger now,
softer and unhurried as they cover
the twice shoveled sidewalks of my
city street; the house is quiet
and there’s just a glow from another
room’s table lamp left burning
as the day hides behind dusk again;
all is muffled by slush, and the horn
of a train which is obliged to blow
at the crossing, pausing for that
timely moment of transit before
heading again on its yo-yo path;
there was no reason for me to
open the door – no mail or paper,
no bell, no visitor, just the urge
to do something meaningless
that compelled me to enjoy this.