Then and now are so much different…

– The Hair I Found –

When I opened the jar of hair gel in the bathroom
cabinet that we share I found a hair, and it’s
obviously yours – jet black with a broadness my thinning,
blonde locks lost long ago and I can’t help but imagine
that someday, if I outlive you
by some mistake and start again all alone
I’ll have the same routine every day for every task,
buying smaller packages of the food we both liked
but it will lack flavor to me
because the secret spice that made it good
is no longer available,
and my pant waist will inch ever higher
as the rest of me inches ever lower,
and I’ll start watching the early evening news,
maybe leaving the television on for company
but it really makes me lonelier,
and leave your favorite cardigan hanging on
the hook inside the closet door,
the gray one that went with everything
you said, and your two bottles of perfume
will still be in their place on our dresser
which I haven’t dusted in so long because
I never did that, I don’t think,
and I shower only occasionally these days
and when I’m finishing my grooming
I’ll open the jar of hair gel
in the bathroom cabinet we shared
and find a hair that’s
obviously yours – jet black and broad,
and I’ll probably start to cry, standing there
all alone, but that’s then,
and today all I can do is complain
because your hair is everywhere.


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