3 Ways to Remake Mondays

Monday“If Monday had a face, I would punch it.”

Monday does have a face – it’s staring you in the mirror every Monday morning. It’s you.

And you can do something about it. You can remake Mondays.

It’s easier than you think (really). Here’s how to start:

1 – Be the only one.

2 – Be a smartass.

3 – Be the first one.

Everyone hates Mondays. So, when you don’t play along, you’ll be the only one. You’ll stand out. You’ll be special. No gimmicks. No ‘think happy thoughts’ motivational memes. Be the only one to not hate Mondays (and start today, since it’s Monday). But how to you not hate Mondays?

Be a smartass and embrace Mondays – make Mondays your own, make Monday your day. Mock Mondays. Mondays are trying to kill you, so laugh in Monday’s face, and let everyone else hate Mondays (because they will – you know they will). You’re not here to change everyone else’s hatred of Mondays; you’re going to turn their weakness into your strength.

But how? It’s simple. Be the first one. Start each Monday greeting with ‘Happy Monday!’ and let the hate-speech begin – let everyone bitch and moan about the self-evident truth that is Monday. But don’t say anything more – AND DO NOT AGREE WITH THEM. Let the haters hate. Let them wallow in it, and stand back because the crap will fly. Let it. Learn from it.

But you MUST say it to others – not yourself. Let me repeat: don’t spend your Mondays talking yourself into making Mondays into another day. It will always be Monday on Mondays. All that ‘fake it ’til you make it’ inspirational crap is crap. So, say ‘Happy Monday’ to others and let them go off on Monday. Let them hate Mondays, and you take it all in. Listen to them sound happy about being unhappy. Watch them blame Monday for being Monday. It’s ugly, and you don’t need to be ugly – especially on a Monday.

Everyone hates Mondays. But when you don’t, you’ll be the only one. You’ll be special. No gimmicks. No ‘think happy thoughts’ crap. Nothing to buy. That’s where to start.


James Callahan @jamescallahan

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James Callahan

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