On writing poems and other ways to fail with words…

When is When
When – that’s the best way to start
a poem about memories and tears,
and ‘tears’ is such a good rhyme
for fears, hears, nears  and years
which brings us back to when and
timing which is everything except
for emotion caught in time’s gears
(there’s that rhyme again), ripped
from childhood and baptized in
disappointment called adulthood
(you see, that’s how it’s done);
keep these things in mind and
compose away, don’t be afraid
to play with emotions and linger
while meaning disappears
and when becomes lost in years.

I tried to write poems like
the lyrics my children
seem to enjoy, lines on lines,
but soon found a profusion
of confusion in my delusion
that led to my exclusion
from the very union via
locution of my revolution;
the elocution was my
seclusion from any
allusion that my talent
was only pollution that
no redistribution would
be proven, hindered, no
doubt by a contusion
involving an optical illusion
of electromagnetic intrusion
like a nuclear fusion
killing millions of humans,
like a coronary occlusion,
like a lyric in a long search
for a fitting conclusion.

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