Whopper and fries…

I don’t like Burger King,
for a lot of reasons but none of them
exceptionally bad – just a matter of taste,
and more recently of health because
I shouldn’t eat at places like that
if I want to continue to do this thing
called living for much longer
the serious doctor told me;
but I just read about a woman
named Janelle who discovered a
bag of cash instead of a Whopper
and fries when she drove away
from her Burger King drive-thu;
it had almost three thousand dollars
and a deposit slip in it and she said
she considered keeping the money
but she was a Jehovah’s Witness
and “Jehovah sees everything” so
she took it back and got her
Whopper and fries instead;
and I shook my head when I read it
because I’m sure Jehovah also sees
Janelle eating a Whopper and fries
and that can’t be good either.



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