Open the damn box…

When I read a good poem I like to try my hand at writing my own version of the same. Who hasn’t tried her hand at a Sonnet after reading Shakespeare or a wintry theme after Frost? It’s as simple as mimicking the topic, form, mood, or occasionally replying with something different or even angry. It’s immature and maturing at the same time, and what could be better?

With due credit to the poet, Dana Gioia (, I offer my reply to this thoughtful and careful piece.

The Present
by Dana Giori

The present that you gave me months ago
is still unopened by our bed,
sealed in its rich blue paper and bright bow.
I’ve even left the card unread
and kept the ribbon knotted tight.
Why needlessly unfold and bring to light
the elegant contrivances that hide
the costly secret waiting still inside?

Open the Damn Present
by James Callahan

The present that I gave you months ago
when we got into our bed,
was wrapped by a guy named Angelo.
and the card was the first I read
because it was ‘For Wife’ and on sale.
In the box is a negligée as thin as a veil
and not flannels or warm woolly socks
so open up the damn box!

I like Gioia’s, but would rather see the second box opened.


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